Baby Jane Holzer Screen Test

Jane Holzer, aka Baby Jane Holzer did 10 Screen Tests at Andy Warhol’s Factory, ST139 – ST148, between 1964 & 1965. This “Toothbrushing Screen Test” is ST147 from 1964.

Baby Jane Holzer Screen Test: Frame from Baby Jane Holzer's "Screen Test" at Andy Warhol's Factory. Black and white image of Baby Jane Holzer with 16mm sprocket holes covering part of her face as she brushes her teeth for the camera.

“Baby Jane” Holzer, Screen Test, ST147, 1964, The Factory

“Baby Jane” Holzer, as she was usually called in the 1960’s, was a successful model and trendsetter, married to the real-estate developer Leonard Holzer. After she was photographed by David Bailey in London in the summer of 1963, Holzer became one of the better-knows social celebrities in New York, thanks largely to the unpretentious enthusiasm with which she moved through the worlds of modeling and fashion, underground movies, art, and high society. Holzer’s appearance in the October 1, 1964, issue of Vogue was credited with creating the new fashion for big manes of long hair. Her pop fame reached its zenith in December 1964 with the publication in New York magazine of Tom Wolfe’s ironic essay about her, “The Girl of the Year.”

Callie Angell

Baby Jane Holzer Screen Test: photo of Jane Holzer wearing a pilot's cap and funny glasses and holding an American Flag which drapes over her bare shoulder and back

Show: The Magazine of the Arts, November 1964.
Cover photo: Jane Holzer by David Bailey

An independent woman, Holzer survived Warhol’s Factory as his circle spiraled into a dangerous zone, culminating in the 1968 shooting of the artist. Yet, she and Warhol became confidants, developing a deep friendship until his tragic death in 1987. This exhibition explores the rise of “Baby Jane” as an internationally known model and reveals the evolution of his first superstar and their enduring friendship.

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