Edie Sedgwick Screen Test

Edie Sedgwick was unquestionably one of Warhol’s greatest female film stars. Animated, beautiful, and trend-settingly thin, this unhappy child from a prominent New England family fascinated almost everyone who met her. In the mid-1960’s she became something of an icon, influencing popular style with her dark, heavily made-up eyes, cropped silver hair, elaborate dangling earrings, and long tights-clad legs.

Edie Sedgwick Screen Test: still frame from Edie Sedgwick's "Screen Test" at Andy Warhol's Factory.

Edie Sedgwick, 1965, ST308

Although the tragic and sometimes sordid details of her short life have been extensively recorded elsewhere, the most compelling record of Sedgwick’s personality , the best evidence of her particularly fascinating presence, are to be found in the Warhol films themselves. Sedgwick nearly monopolized Warhol’s camera for much of 1965, starring or appearing in every single sound film to come out of The Factory between late March and the shooting of My Hustler on Labor Day Weekend in September.

Callie Angell

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