Poor Little Rich Girl

Poor Little Rich Girl Part 5/7

BW/Sound/66 mins at 24 fps
Edie Sedgwick and Chuck Wein (off screen)
(filmed March-April 1965)

Poor Little Rich Girl was originally conceived as part of a series of films featuring Edie Sedgwick which Warhol started shooting in March 1965 called The Poor Little Rich Girl Saga. It included Restaurant, Face, and Afternoon, as well as this film. The title is the same as a 1936 movie starring Shirley Temple who Andy idolized in his childhood. (FAW20)

The film takes place in Edie’s apartment. Andy and Gerard Malanga shot two rolls (approx. 70 mins) of Edie as “she lay on her bed, talked on the phone and walked around her room, showing off her clothes and describing how she had spent her entire inheritance in six months.” (L&D221)

photograph of a newspaper clipping of Richard Foreman's review of Andy Warhol's Poor Little Rich Girl

review by Richard Foreman

Richard Foreman

Nice review of Poor Little Rich Girl by Richard Foreman found on the amazing Warhol Film Ads website. I thought Culture of Scarcity vs Culture of Abundance was a 21st c. concept, but in his review Foreman dives into all that in 1966!


Mind blown.

That’s as much of the review as they had on the Warhol Film Ads website. Has anyone ever seen the rest of it?

Still frame from Andy Warhol's Poor Little Rich Girl shot at Edie Sedgwick's apartment in New York in March and April 1965. Black-and-white film of Sedgwick getting ready for an evening out.

Edie Sedgwick, Poor Little Rich Girl

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