Andy Warhol MOOC 2: Sex

Sex – Intro by Glyn Davis

screen cap of Glyn Davis discussing "sex" in Andy Warhol's work

Glyn Davis

  • 1963 or 64 Blow Job – if you didn’t know what it was called, could you tell what was happening? If it’s pornographic, how is it?

Other Experimental & Underground Filmmakers Andy associated with:

  • Barbara Rubin – Christmas on Earth
  • Jack Smith – Flaming Creatures
    Andy Warhol's drawing Resting Boy

    Resting Boy, 1955-57

  • Explicit content in Andy’s films is minor compared to the tease

The Tease was one of the dominant elements of sexual culture of the 1960’s and provided it’s own satisfactions and pleasures for spectators.

Thomas Waugh

  • 1964 World’s Fair – 13 Most Wanted Men – painted over – various reasons have been given…

Men in the mural seem to be looking at each other. The title “Most Wanted” might be about erotic longing as much as the criminal status of the men.

Richard Meyer

Lobby Card for Andy Warhol's Blue Movie, 1968

Blue Movie, 1968

  • During the 1950’s – series of drawings of young men in isolation or in pairs. Homo-eroticism rose through a substantial amount of his world. For quite some time art historians would ignore the fact that Andy was gay! Despite this being evident in much of his work. His blank persona was read as asexual. Warhol’s sexual orientation is crucial for understanding his output.

Andy, and other gay artists including Robert Mapplethorpe, Keith Haring, troubled at the boundaries between sexual orientation and fine art.

Kerry Watson / Index Book

librarian at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Andy Warhol's Male Nude, 1987, a black-and-white photographic multiple. The same image reproduced 4 times in a 2x2 grid. The image is of a male nude from the waist up.

Male Nude, 1987

Artists Books – a work of art in the form of a book. Can take many forms, variations. So many processes now. Much more mass produced today.

Andy Warhol’s Index, Random House, 1967

deluxe edition, (365 copies)
normal soft cover edition, unnumbered (both sold out quickly)

  • pop up castle “We’re attacked constantly”

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