International Nonsense Day, June 28


We live in a rational world. A world that makes sense. When things don’t make sense, we work hard to organize and understand them.

There’s just one catch. It’s bullshit.

Why we’re alive at all, and what it means and what to do with it, and why my reality is so different from your reality, and why no two people perceive the world the same way, none of it makes any sense. We live in a world of nonsense. But we are in denial.


Instead of fighting it, let’s celebrate it!

Simone Bassman & Edie Sedgwick

International Nonsense Day!

Saturday, June 28!

Put your best nonsense antics forward!

You can participate with a major event or a minor intervention.
With a simple prank, or a silly tweet.

Sign Up?

Sure, leave a comment below and tell us what you think you’re going to do. Leave a link to your stuff.


Then on June 28, commit nonsense! And tweet about it with the hashtag: #nonsenseit

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Nonsense Day: The Book of Nonsense, Edward Lear

The Book of Nonsense, Edward Lear


4 Responses to “International Nonsense Day, June 28”

  1. Great! My new pseudonym is Talbot Rice. Of course Talbot Rice is a famous author of text books and reviews, but not many people know he left school in 1979-80.
    Of course, so didn’t Shelley,Byron Wadsworth, and Coleridge. But. “The Talbot Rice” is one of the most trenchant, soulstirring purveyors of esoteric, since swedish film critic Robin Hood.
    I look forward to the sheer frivolity. Not only that, but he is a film critic of Swedish Exploitation films from 1969-1979, many not shown in the United States due to their being subject to the P.G. and R. rating system, (some shown in small art house cinemas of course under the label “grindhouse”, but ok)

  2. Time has been altered.
    Apparently the famed art critic Talbot Rice has been discovered to have been born in 1894 not 1956. Apparently there are rumors that he has effected a time alter with a divergence of three point perspective, in effect putting recessed planes into question. The plans for this were “stolen” by Nostradamus. But where does that leave the Dadaists? Girlfriend Edie Sedgwick might know more than she is telling us, but apparently she now works in a Californian coffee shop. Cryptic dates abound, but one stands out: August 1914. Talbot Rice, (who turns 52 today, but is still blond, size 32 waist, still weighs 132 lbs, still mistaken for the ancient magician Robert Plant of Great Britian) has found that there are also plans for the nation of Scotland to ask for Independence. Problem is that he is currently embroiled in a MOOC on the finding of Richard III from Future Learn and then a MOOC in Communication Science from Coursera from Amsterdam. Nostradamus on the other hand is headed for the MOMA. Can Edie Sedgwick tackle Nostradamus alone and find the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Art World- the clue remains that there is something Edie knows that we don’t either about Cromwell or Mary Queen Scots and some Philosopher’s Stone or moved throne or something or other, but what is connecting this Scottish Independence to the date of August, 1914? In someway there’s no time during one MOOC.

    Sheffield University noted that it had a falcon living on campus. Rumors about the Falcon having been Titian’s mistress have been suppressed.

  3. Editorial by Viola Pink.

    Everyone would want Scotland to declare its Independence on the anniversary of the beginning of World War One. It would make Armistice Day into an International Peace—oh wait, I’m in the United States I might see the nonsense and might not. Let me go ask, there might be someone here. (Jesus, Edie at least when you giggle its about something substantial- today’s Scott’s birthday you know, you know……. subjective).
    What is most nonsense written about, does it have a theme? Well categories themselves like money, death, sex, fame- all categories are non-nonsense. Categories of famous people that appear on currency- well we invented monopoly money but still more nonsense.
    Edie, when on earth is your “Unbirthday”- longstory. Your unbirthday would be connected to your pseudonymn- agreed British nonsense.

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