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Maddest of all — to see life as it is and not as it should be.

— Dale Wasserman

Edie's Farm: Black-and-white photo of Edie Sedgwick in a black bra smoking a cigarette with the word "Industrial" in red type

Industrial (Factory Edie)

Was Andy’s Factory a critique of Industrial Culture? Or a celebration of it? The genius is that it was both at the same time. Nonetheless, it was Industrial Culture. I had some of my highest highs there. And not just the substance induced ones, but real emotional highs. Yet it wasn’t sustainable. Not for me. Perhaps not for anyone. The Factory saw life as it is. Maybe it was a more naked and clear view of our world, but still, life as it is.

I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’

— George Bernard Shaw

If seeing things as they are is madness, then why not see things as they never were? Why not see things as they should be?

Was Frederick Winslow Taylor really a great American management scientist? Or a discredited Nazi psychologist? His assembly line ideology gives us students stimulated by every aspect of their media-rich lives except for the hours they spend at desks in boring classrooms; workers in such soul-crushing conditions that they threaten mass suicide at factories like iPod City in Shenzhen; and the unthinkable horror of the American CAFO that puts quickly to death any illusions of humanity.

The Factory was the weapon of Industrialization. The Farm is its first and last battleground.

Edie's Farm: Black and White photograph of Edie Sedgwick with long, dark hair, in a cotton dress

Organic (Farm Edie)

Edie Sedgwick 2.0

What if I had lived?

What if?

Would I have continued living the same life? Poor little rich girl. Can she run fast enough to escape all the pain? Or if I’d actually made it out of the 60’s alive would I have walked a different path? What do you do after being famous for being the first person to be famous for being famous? Maybe you hang up your apron for the last time, walk off The Factory floor for the last time, and go live on a farm.

The Farm.

Edie’s Farm.


Statement of Principles

Welcome to Edie’s Farm. A place to grow culture not as it is, but as it should be. Here we don’t concern ourselves with facts, but only with the pursuit of truth. The art practice and culture farming of a new world.

Edie’s Farm is a newspaper, a magazine, an online journal, an art gallery, a museum. Edie’s Farm is a place to present the art, culture, and current events of the world as it should be.

  • A world where President Tolokonnikova and President Snowden meet to sign non-surveillance treaties.
  • A world where we spend more time and money on art & community than on sports & war.
  • A world where I am still alive.

You are invited to join this cyberspace Art Exhibition / Installation. Contribute or document a work in any form. Share your alternative reenvisioning of our contemporary world.

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