My 21st Birthday!

My 21st birthday! Gawd, look at this photo! I was so young. My life was so full of possibilities. My brain cells were so intact. My father had already had me drugged by this time, but I hadn’t taken drugs yet. That was all in the near future.

Party @ Harvard Boat House

Edie Sedgwick 21st Birthday: Color photo of Edie Sedgwick in a black dress and green hair band

My 21st Birthday Party! Harvard Boat House, Cambridge, April 20, 1964. *giggles* I changed my dress 3 times that night!

There was a young man at Harvard, and what he said was, Every boy at Harvard was trying to save Edie from herself. And that’s the quality I think she had, of being quite vulnerable and quite odd, maybe sort of a little loony but very beautiful and very, very attractive. And that, more than her physical appearance, had to do with her great appeal to guys.

Fred Eberstadt

black-and-white photograph of Edie Sedgwick and Ed Hennessey circa 1963 or 1964.

Another pix of me ‘n Ed Hennessey. I sorta forget the date and place. Do you know? Shout out with a comment below if you do.

Edie Sedgwick 21st Birthday: black-and-white photo of Edie Sedgwick and Ed Hennessy on her 21st birthday. Waist-length photo. Both smile and raise glasses to the camera.

Edie Sedgwick, Ed Hennessy. My 21st Birthday! April 20, 1964.

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2 Responses to “My 21st Birthday!”

  1. Edie!!!!
    I went out for a cigarette and Warner Bros has taken the parking lot for a location shoot- right near my ashtray where I go to see my wild rabbit at night. There are “grips” out there and reflectors. The lighting crew came over while i was out there. They are trying not to “lose the light” and the city of Cambridge gave them full reign.
    The film Love Story from the seventies was shot at Harvard. I went passed the boathouse yesterday and they have changed the name of the street from Boylston Street to JFK avenue. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous at Harvard Univerisy, on the otherside of Harvard Square twenty six years ago!! Believe me, I’m still here.

    • Aww Scott, that’s so great… you’re still here! 😀
      (and I’m long gone)

      I’m thoroughly enjoying Warhol MOOC, still, it’s stressful reliving my past. It’s all so bittersweet, to put it mildly. It’s great to be back, but also hard to face everything again. As the MOOC winds up I’m looking forward to a nice cozy nap. Or maybe I’ll go stomping through Europe for a while. That Paris trip with Andy, Chuck & Gerard was so great. I’ve never forgotten it! Plus I’ve heard a story that I have a verrrrry old ancestor down in Florence… it might be interesting to try to uncover her story and see if it helps make any better sense of my life.

      Thanks Scott!!



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