Gerard Malanga, Screen Test?

Can’t believe I can’t find Gerard Malanga’s Screen Test anywhere online! 🙁

Oh MOMA / Warhol, you’re bottling up so much cultural heritage!

Gerard did 4 solo Screen Tests: ST198 & ST199 in 1964 and ST200 & ST201 in 1965 & 1966. If you see one out on the Open Web, please LMK! Till then, enjoy Polichinela Azul‘s lovely tribute video Gerard Malanga, Factory Boy.

two strips of 16mm color film: one a color negative with 3 frames of Gerard Malanga, and the other a positive workprint of the same frames

Gerard Malanga, Screen Test, 1965, ST200

In June 1963, when Warhol was looking for a studio assistant, his friend Charles Henri Ford introduced him to Gerard Malanga, a young poet studying at Wagner College on Staten Island. Malanga, who had previous experience working on textile silk screens for a manufacturer of men’s ties, began working for Warhol at minimum wage, helping to silk-screen paintings at the abandoned fire station on West 89th Street where Warhol had his first studio. After Warhol moved into his new studio, the Factory, on East 47th Street in January 1964, they continued working together on the production of paintings, box sculptures, and other works. Malanga also assisted with and appeared in many of the Warhol films during this time anhd became a familiar fixture at Warhol’s studio; visitors described him as “a perfect lieutenant” to Warhol, “the Prime Minister” of the Factory.

Callie Angell

black-and-white photograph of Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga

Me with Gerard

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  1. Edie,

    Gerard Malanga’s e-mail address is:

    looking into it at moment

  2. Edie,
    By the way (i know, you don’t belong to me and and can’t and I’m nearing nuisance), Parker Tyler is a good read but a little unusual, I don’t refer back to him often when I look things up.

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