Help me find my drawings!

Edie Sedgwick Drawings: charcoal drawing of a horse pinned to my apartment wall in New York.

Drawing of a Horse, Edie M, Sedgwick, early 1960’s

In 1962, when I was 19, my father (Francis Minturn Sedgwick) sent me to the Silver Hill mental institution in Connecticut. I started to make drawings there. Mostly small. Mostly of animals.

I can’t find my drawings any more. And I’d really like to see them again. Here’s one of a horse, preserved because it was on my apartment wall in New York City when a magazine photoshoot was done.

If I can find any more, I’ll add them here.

And if YOU know where any of my drawings might be, please LMK in the comments below!

Thank You!

Edie Sedgwick Drawings – Update

I found a few of my drawings, here they are! But I know there were a lot more, so I’m still looking. And if you can help find any, please give me a shout! Thankies!

click for big / slide show:

photo of Edie Sedgwick at a drawing table

Edie Sedgwick, Drawing

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7 Responses to “Help me find my drawings!”

  1. Hey! I googled for more
    Edie’s rat illustration:

    I wonder where the other drawings are now.

    • OMG Jess! You found my rat drawing! Thank you so much!!! I haven’t seen that drawing in, like, 50 years! Gosh, I never thought I’d see it again. And what a wonderful page you found it on too. I just love that picture of Gwyneth Paltrow feeding her rat from a sipper. HOW FABULOUS!

      Thanks for your help Jess! It really means a lot. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see my old work after so long. Sometimes I wonder what my life might have been if I’d done more of that work and less of the other stuff. Maybe I would have lived longer. IDK. It’s easy to second guess, I guess. I guess life just is what it is.

      Anyway, thanks again Jess, I really appreciate it!

      How’s your 2015 going so far?
      (haha, mine is a lot like my 2014 so far! 🙂



      • Hey! you’re welcome. I would have loved to see more of your drawings,
        people perhaps. (?)
        I live in Barcelona, and there was a graffiti artist (I think he`s french) who did a portrait from you:

        Well…my 2015 is still an extension of the 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 …
        I’m looking for a new job as a fashion illustrator.
        but currently only interviews and waiting, waiting.
        Sometimes I would have to value myself more…. I also don’t know…


  2. I found a bunch of your drawings here:

    There’s even the one you did on s plate. I didn’t know you did that!

    Well, I’m glad I found these, I’ll keep looking for more.

  3. Your rat drawing sold for $24,000 to an unknown buyer at Sotheby’s last November, a few days after the anniversary of your death. It was part of a bunch of artwork put up for sale by Jean Stein’s estate. They’d expected to get only $800 to $1,200 for it.

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