Andy Warhol MOOC 5: Time

Andy Warhol and Time: Black-and-white photo of Andy Warhol operating a movie camera

Andy Warhol

1964 – Empire – just over 8 hours. Very little happens.
1963 – Sleep – over 5 hours.

Challenges for the spectator: boredom, pain, etc.

I like boring things.

Andy Warhol, Popism

Andy Warhol and Time: color photograph of Andy Warhol Time Capsules, brown cardboard boxes, lining shelves in a storage space

Andy Warhol, Time Capsules

1974 – 1987 – Time Capsules – brown cardboard boxes filled with stuff. Buried artworks designed for future consumption.

Andy Warhol and Time: Photo of Glyn Davis  talking in a room with a castle out the window behind him and Andy Warhol's Empire projected on the wall to his side.

Glyn Davis, Warhol MOOC, Week 5: Time

Interview: Kirsten Dunne

Paper Conservator, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Andy Warhol and Time: Video screencap of Kirsten Dunne discussing Paper Conservation with Glyn Davis

Kirsten Dunne

historically, you know, we’re often seen as a profession that says no to access, we want to cover everything up, and keep it in a dark room, that’s actually quite the opposite of what we want to do. We want to open up access, and make sure as many objects are seen as possible. But with this endless proviso, that we do want to try and preserve this for future generations.

Kirsten Dunne

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  1. Haven’t seen you for a while…see above, time capsules…how does one go about timing capsules?

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