Edie Sedgwick, Sweet 16

Edie Sedgwick, Sweet 16: black-and-white photograph of Edie Sedgwick at about age 16, in 1959 in a camera shop in Connecticut near the Silver Hill mental hospital

Camera Shop, Connecticut, circa 1959

Sorry guys, I really suck at history. And dates. But I think these pix are from 1959 and I’m 16 in them. And I think this is a little camera shop in Connecticut near Silver Hill hospital where I spent some time. That’s what I can remember anyway. If you have better details, please remind me in the comments below, k?



Edie Sedgwick, Sweet 16: Edie Sedgwick, circa 1959, about age 16 at a camera shop, possibly near Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut. Black-and-white photo print.

Oh Kodak, you were my best friend for so many years of my short life, I just can’t believe you’re gone too now. *Sniffle.*


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  1. The sweet 16 photo of Edie is now the screensaver on my phone. I now get a lump in my throat every time I pick my phone up.

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