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Black and white photo of Edie Sedgwick in a striped top, gazing softly at the camera

Hello, I’m Edie!

Sunday, April 20, 2014 was:

  • My 71st Birthday
  • 4/20
  • Easter Sunday

Celebutantes & Drugs & Resurrection

Talk about planets aligning! What a day for a Twitter Resurrection. And then the next day Glyn Davis’ Warhol MOOC started.

  • Sunday: Twitter Resurrection
  • Monday: My new blog: Edie Pink
  • Friday: My new, new blog: Edie’s Farm

Apparently I’m back.

Black-and-white photograph of Edie Sedgwick in long, dark hair with overlaid typography "Edie's Farm: Counterfactual Current Events"

Edie’s Farm. Organic, not Industrial.

The Day After?

What do you do when you’re lucky enough to have a Twitter Resurrection? Relive old glory? Rant about old hurts? I got tired of that by Wednesday.

I am enjoying thinking about my life, and if it could or should have been different, on Edie Pink. 1965 was an amazing year. A very bright candle. But singular as that year was for me, a Santa Barbara girl suddenly on top of the world, was it worth all the crap before and after 1965? And dead at 28?

I loved Andy in 1965. I was mad at him for a long time after that. The truth is that I miss him. But a further truth is that I think The Factory wasn’t sustainable. At least not for me. Perhaps not for anyone. And so my mind drifts away from Andy’s Industrial Factory, to Edie’s Organic Farm. I can’t say that these are choices I’d have made if I’d lived. But I can say that to be alive now I can’t just relive the past, and that these choices, while very different, do feel right in this contemporary moment.

Thanks for visiting! It’s so nice to meet you!

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Edie,

    I’m from Boston and I think an autobiography would be a great start. Most of the retro rock groups here, mostly Orpheus, Beacon Street Union, and Ultimate Spinach are a bit of a yawn.

    Scott Lord

  2. Hi Edie,
    got your Rene Magaritte. Nice painting. Good luck with your avatars.

  3. so imaginative

What do you think, factory girl?

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