Edie Sedgwick Must Die – Ch. 1

Clad in a white lab coat, brilliant inventor Edie Sedgwick works in a small space surrounded with state-of-the-art culinary apparatus. She carefully moves a pastry-like substance from an oven to a frying pan. Then, a knock at her door,

It's open!

Edie Sedgwick Must Die! 1969 photo of Edie Sedgwick with a batch of her revolutionary "Cronuts" before government agents seized her recipes, destroyed her lab, and murdered her.

1969: in a world of possibilities New York’s greatest mind is on the verge of the greatest invention of the 20th century. Will she change the world? Or disappear mysteriously without a trace? Only you can save her!

Two shadowy men, Agent Smith and Agent Jones slither into her lab space. With her back to them Sedgwick asks,

Did you get the new strain of yeast?

Smith grabs Sedgwick from behind, forcing a chloroformed towel over her mouth and nose. Sedgwick struggles and tries to scream. As her body goes limp Jones comes over, takes out a hypodermic, and injects a brown substance into Sedgwick’s arm. Smith drops Sedgwick and her body falls to the floor. Jones takes a bite out of one of the Cronuts on the work table. He seems weak and his eyes start to water:

How is it?

Edie Sedgwick Must Die: image of a Frankenstein-like Edie Sedgwick mannequin

It's good.
Too good.

Take her equipment. Load it into the van. All of it. Then give her another injection.

What about the apartment?

Torch it.

What about her?

Agent Smith tears Sedgwick’s lab coat and clothes off, stuffs them into a plastic bag and leaves her on the floor in her black bra and cotton briefs.

Leave her. She was careless. And stupid. Drop a half-smoked cigarette on her mattress. Tell no one. This lab never existed. Today never happened.

Edie Sedgwick Must Die: photo of a woman's back with an image of Edie Sedgwick tattoo'd on her left shoulder

Edie Sedgwick disappears without a trace. The government has no comment. No one will talk. But there are those that remember her. Those that remember how she almost changed the world. They search for her still. Are you one of them? Will the truth about her tragic death finally be revealed?

Edie Sedgwick Must Die: poster for Edie Sedgwick Lost, 1972.

Edie Sedgwick Must Die! In 1969 a brilliant young girl is on the verge of a discovery that will change the world as we know it, then mysteriously she falls into a drug haze and dies a few years later thousands of miles away from her lab where she did all her research. Government shadows remove her equipment to an undisclosed location and make it look like an apartment fire.

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